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Bolly Aerobics Classes in Bangalore - The Best of Aerobics Near You

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Bolly Aerobics Class Near You

Experience the best of Bolly Aerobics classes near you @ The Fit Nation - India's Largest Fitness Centre

Bolly Aerobics is a Bollywood-inspired dance-fitness program that combines dynamic choreography and intensive workouts with upbeat music. It is fun, energetic, and make you feel amazing. Also, it is intended as a total-body cardio and aerobic workout. Besides its high calorie burning benefit, it can also help you relieve your stress, lower the risk of heart disease and reduce blood pressure

The Best of Bolly Aerobics

@ The Fit Nation

To get you motivated, we identified that the majority of us like dancing. And the majority of us are attempting to get in shape (or perhaps get fitter!). We have combined the two for you to have the ideal workout that none of us would mind doing every day: a dance workout!

Let’s add some muscle to the mix: what if we told you that you could groove at 140 beats per minute and burn anywhere from 350 to 500 calories in a single session? Is it sufficient motivation? Yes, we believe so.

The Interval training, alternating fast and slow rhythms, incorporated into Bolly Aerobics routines helps in improving your cardiovascular fitness and your weight loss goals.

The Fit Nation offers the best of Bolly Aerobics Classes in Bangalore

Apart from offering Bolly Aerobics workouts, we also offer a lot of highly energizing group fitness activities like Zumba, Combat, Pump, Spin, Yoga etc.

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Energizing Fitness Classes
  • Highly energizing group fitness activities like Aerobics, Combat, Pump, Spin, Yoga, Zumba etc.
  • Complete Weight Loss & Weight Gain Solutions

  • World class equipment with advanced bio-mechanics and better ergonomics
  • Personalized Training & Counselling
  • Whatever your fitness goal, you are covered...

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Whether you want to lose weight, build strength or improve your stamina, or just want to be fit, we are always there to help you achieve your goal.

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